I am affected by this. I shouldn’t be but I am. It would okay I guess if it occurred without warning but the fact is I even warned myself. Advise not heeded. My fault nonetheless. So why does this kinda hurt?

Vicious cycle

Just when you think you won’t get over it, you do and end up obsessing over something new which you believe will be another thing you won’t get over.

that bite before the kiss. okay.

We are conserving our batteries for the call that will never come, a conversation that will be cut short, a text that won’t be replied… So we end up silently looking how everyone else’s life is passing by as we sieve through pictures, cryptic status updates and juicy screenshots.

woke up feeling so goddamn empty inside. it’s like there’s this gaping bullet hole, emptying my decaying body. or like a black hole swallowing me from the inside. something is escaping me and I am too scared to want to notice where it’s all coming from.

1. Suck dick not cigarettes
2. Have more sex but with less people

You don’t need anybody to verify your existence. As long as you know you’re valid and is not a waste of space, continue living.

one of those life moments when I feel completely worthless and hoping it would end.

1. Get thin
2. Be golden tan
3. Stay blonde
4. Make more money

My recipe to happiness.

I have this habit of needing to sleep with certain ideas, stories, sounds in my head. I put on random tv shows or movies I meticulously select despite knowing the fact that I would be fast asleep before the first opening scene. And i could never pick just any visual or sound, but a specific one which attracts me most at that moment. And then sometimes, I pick a post-rock band with no lyrics, close my eyes and start creating my own movie in my head. I imagine camera angles, color filters, location, background soundtrack, script, etc like it was a real movie. I watch this movie inside my head and most likely I would cry because I am only capable of creating really great sad, dramatic stories inside my head. This capability and habit eventually led me to being so scatterbrained as I have this dire need to be able to do everything. Which is why, in the near future I hope to study film or even acting because I think deep down, i know that broadway is calling.

today is the day i feel completely helpless because i want so many things in life but i just don’t know where to start.

i want something real this time.

i have no name for this feeling. it’s almost prosthetic, dim and imaginary. we are as still as the silent darkness shrouding our naked skin. the stillness slowly evaporates with every steady breath you take. the way your fingers find and traces my back with swirls of absolution and euphoria, the way i am mesmerized by the curves of your lips as you blow the stray eyelash off my cheek. if i could melt like wax on solid bone, i swear at that moment i would have. hide me under. pull me close. we are almost there and we only got until sunrise.

9 Hard Truths I Learned From Screwing A Random Dude | Thought Catalog

Number 9 is the biggest lesson of them all which in all truths makes me an even more jaded person than ever. Even when he tells me he likes me and wants to be more, I usually succumb to a mere “meh…”.

The best “I HAVE ARRIVED!” gif to depict what we normally feel like attending events…

The best “I HAVE ARRIVED!” gif to depict what we normally feel like attending events…

source: gif-database